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We were hanging four picture frames. We didn’t want to pick up our measuring tape or level for the millionth time.  What we wanted, was for our wall to be both a ruler and a level!  We didn’t think that was too much to ask.  So, we created The Gallery Grid™, a DIY solution for those that love a challenge and a professional picture hanging service for those that would rather leave the tricky part to someone else.

About our product, The Gallery Grid™ is a clear removable "wallpaper-like" film printed with a perfectly ruled grid.  With The Gallery Grid, you can accurately hang, level and space groups of decor items on your wall with zero skill and even less frustration.  Just grab some old newspaper, kraft paper or even simpler, mark the designs with a dry erase pen. Then drill, hammer or press your picture hooks directly through the film and that’s it!  Toss the film and start hanging! Your decor is now perfectly spaced, perfectly level and done on the very first try.

The Gallery Grid™ service is best suited for those that just don’t have the time, energy or patience to deal with any of the steps that come with hanging pictures. We get it! On the contrary, creating spaces filled with images of people, places and things that we love bring us complete joy. We offer a multitude of services from basic picture hanging to gallery wall design and curation. Just leave all the complicated stuff to us.

Our goal at The Gallery Grid™ is to make life simpler.  We believe that time is better spent with our loved ones, in meditation, or binge watching our favorite show.  It should NOT be spent struggling to hang wall decor.

Now go, buy The Gallery Grid™ and reclaim your time!