How it Works

The Gallery Grid™ is a clear removable "wall paper" printed with a grid.  It was designed to turn most wall surfaces into a ruler and a level for the purposes of designing and hanging decor.  Check out the video to see how it works:



- the gallery grid™ (applicator and dry erase marker included)

- laser level (coming soon) until then, find them here 

- decor to hang on the wall

- measuring tape or ruler

- paper templates (optional)

On a clean, flat, thoroughly dried wall (paint should be dried at least 30 days) the grid should be mounted using a laser level and the provided applicator. Using the applicator, smooth out any large air bubbles you may find. If they are aligned, begin measuring and drawing your layouts with the dry erase marker or hanging  your paper templates to create the perfect gallery wall design.

Once you've achieved your desired layout, determine your anchor points based on the hanging methods provided on your decor and transfer those measurements to the grid.

Then on your mark, get set, NAIL!